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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Marketing Company

January 19, 2023
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Successfully marketing any business or brand is a full-time job.

Unfortunately for many Irish and UK SMEs, they often lack either the time or the in-house resources to achieve – or indeed even attempt – any form of successful marketing.

Instead of trying to manage everything alone though, here are five reasons why you should hire an outside agency to handle marketing for your business.

1. Marketing agencies are your dedicated ‘Growth Partner’

Having a marketing agency who handles your marketing strategy, messaging, customer segmentation and personas, and annual planning, can help to accelerate your organisation’s growth. As professionals with a deep understanding of the marketing landscape, their experience and knowledge of what ‘works’ is one of the biggest benefits to SMEs.

2. Gain more time to focus on what’s important

Marketing is an important part of any successful business – unfortunately for SMEs with limited manpower, finding sufficient time to launch and manage a dedicated marketing campaign ‘in-house’ is usually next to impossible. By hiring an outside agency to take care of their marketing efforts, businesses owners can instead focus on managing and growing the core business.

3. Reduce your overheads

Although marketing is essential for most businesses, not every SME needs a full-time marketing department to manage their marketing activities. As an alternative, outsourced marketing agencies offer a cost-efficient way to create tangible results within a specific time frame (and usually at a fixed monthly or per-project cost) – reducing the overhead expenses of hiring, training, and managing full-time marketing employees.

4. Make sense of your data and tracking

Partnering with a marketing agency often gives you access to exclusive tools and dedicated marketing platforms. This can allow you to better understand and quantify your business data to create evidence-based marketing conclusions – in turn improving the return on your investment (ROI). These same tools also allow you to track and measure the impact of your campaigns for more effective marketing results.

5. Get a complete ‘one-stop-shop’ marketing service

Working with an external marketing company can give you access to a specialist group of professionals across the full marketing spectrum—copywriters, web developers, strategists, event coordinators, social media experts, and more. These varied skillsets can be invaluable in the execution of your marketing efforts, helping you to develop highly-effective marketing campaigns that meet your desired business goals and enable your growth.


For Irish and UK SMEs looking to grow, hiring an external marketing agency can be a great way to take your company's marketing efforts to the next level. With immediate access to expert marketing professionals, this form of outsourcing can be crucial in helping you to better reach your target audience, increase your conversions, and make the most out of the money you spend on your marketing activities.

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