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Marketing is a critical ingredient for any successful small business. But with limited time and resources, it can be tough to do it all yourself. This is where outsourced marketing can make all the difference.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why outsourcing marketing is a smart move for Irish small businesses:

Reason 1: Save Time and Focus on Your Core Business

Marketing can be a time-consuming and complex task. Outsourcing marketing to an agency can free up your time so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

For example, an agency can handle all aspects of your social media marketing, offline ad campaigns, and events. This will allow you to focus on your customers and products, without having to worry about the technical marketing aspects.

Reason 2: Access Specialist Skills and Knowledge

Marketing agencies have access to a range of specialised skills and knowledge that you may not have in-house. This can be especially helpful for small businesses that are new to marketing or that don’t have the resources to hire a full-time marketing team.

For example, they can help you develop a targeted marketing strategy, create effective marketing materials, and track your results. This can give you the confidence that your marketing is on track and that you’re getting a good return on your investment.

Reason 3: Get a Fresh Perspective

An outsider’s perspective can be invaluable when it comes to marketing. An outsourced marketing agency can provide you with a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy and help you identify new opportunities to reach your target audience.

For example, an agency can help you develop new marketing channels or target new demographics. This can help you reach more potential customers and help grow your business.

Reason 4: Gain Peace of Mind

Outsourcing your marketing to a professional agency can give you peace of mind knowing that your marketing is in good hands. These agencies have the experience and expertise needed to manage your marketing campaigns effectively and achieve your desired results.

This can free up your time and energy so you can focus on other aspects of your business, whilst still safe in the knowledge that your marketing is being taken care of.

Tips For Choosing a Marketing Agency

When choosing a marketing agency, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Armed with these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to choose an outsourced marketing agency that can help you achieve your unique business goals.

In today’s competitive business landscape, offering quality products or services is just half the battle. For most Irish SMEs, the pressing challenge lies not just in staying afloat, but in thriving amidst stiff competition.

According to various studies, the majority of SMEs allocate less than 10 hours a week to marketing. Are you one of them? If so, navigating the intricate maze of marketing tactics effectively becomes even more critical.

Impactful Marketing Tactics

Read on for bite-sized yet impactful marketing tactics designed to successfully bring your SME to the forefront of the Irish market.

  1. Get to Grips with Your Target Market
    Knowing your audience isn’t just about age, gender, and location. To really succeed, you must be able to dig deeper into your market research to find out what makes your customers tick, what challenges they face, and how your organisation can solve them.
  2. Highlight What Sets You Apart
    Every business has something that sets it apart. Your job is to identify that unique selling proposition (USP) and spotlight it in all your marketing materials. Whether it’s the unrivalled quality of your products, or your focus on sustainable practices, make sure you let that distinctiveness shine through.
  3. Make Existing Customers Your ‘VIPs’
    Conventional wisdom tells us that it’s more economical to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one. Could you be doing more to capitalise on this? Consider rolling out loyalty programs or periodic discounts designed exclusively for your regular customers.
  4. Own Your Online Space
    A polished, user-friendly website isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Websites stand as the ‘face’ of your SME online and a crucial element of your brand’s identity. Ensure that yours accurately represents what you stand for whilst also making it easy for your customers to contact you or make a purchase.
  5. Master Client Relationships with CRM
    Relationship management is crucial for SMEs, and CRM software can be your best friend here. Remember though that it’s not just about managing contact details; instead, it’s about understanding your customers’ behaviours and preferences, then using this information to shape your future marketing strategies.
  6. Harness the ‘Word-of-Mouth’
    Never underestimate the power of good, old-fashioned word of mouth – especially in tight-knit Irish communities. A satisfied customer can become your brand ambassador without even realising it, so make sure you give them something worth talking about!
  7. Consider Professional Marketing Help
    While it’s tempting to go the DIY route with your marketing, there’s a reason outsourced marketing companies are becoming more and more popular with Irish SMEs.

Let the experts handle your marketing strategies, freeing you to focus on what you do best – running and growing your business.


These seven key points could make all the difference in how your SME performs in the Irish market. Remember, marketing isn’t just about selling products or services; it’s about creating value that resonates with your customers. So, are you ready to make a strategic move?

In the Irish business landscape, SMEs often face the critical task of scaling their marketing efforts to compete both locally and globally. One of the most pressing questions is whether to manage marketing in-house or to outsource it to specialised agencies.

Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this post we dive into the pros and cons to guide you through this complex decision-making process.

The Pros

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Outsourced marketing gives you access to a full range of specialised skills.

Agencies employ experts in various marketing disciplines, from SEO to pay-per-click advertising, content creation, and social media management.

In Ireland, where digital ad spend grew at a rate of 6.9% between 2021 and 2022, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, staying abreast of trends is crucial. With outsourced professionals, you’re essentially fast-tracking your marketing efforts to meet current industry standards.


The average salary for a marketing manager in Ireland hovers around €41,000 per year – and that’s before additional costs like benefits, training, and software subscriptions.

On the other hand, marketing agencies often offer flexible pricing structures such as project-based pricing, hourly rates, or retainers, allowing you to tailor your expenditure to the specific needs of your business. This flexibility can translate directly to considerable cost savings for your business.


If you’re managing an SME, time is one of your most valuable resources.

According to a survey by US-based OutboundEngine, 4.33% of SME owners allocate over 20 hours weekly to marketing efforts. Another 5.34% dedicate between 15 and 20 hours, whilst 22.14% commit a weekly timeframe of 5 to 10 hours to their marketing.

Outsourcing can drastically reduce this time commitment, allowing you to focus on critical business operations like product development, supply chain management, or customer service.

A Fresh Perspective

In Ireland’s fast-paced business environment, innovation is key.

An external marketing agency can offer fresh, unbiased perspectives on how to position your brand in the market. They can help identify new customer segments or even untapped international markets, given their broader exposure to varied industries.

The Cons

Risk of Mismatch

Whilst Ireland has a growing number of reputable marketing agencies, not all of them may be the right fit for your unique business goals – therefore, due diligence is crucial.

Remember to check agency reviews, ask for case studies, and consider an initial small-scale project to evaluate their capabilities.

Communication Barriers

Even within the confines of Ireland, where cultural and language barriers are minimal, miscommunication can occur.

For example, an agency in Belfast may not fully grasp the consumer behaviour nuances in rural areas like County Kerry – as a result, it’s crucial to maintain open lines of communication to ensure that your brand’s essence is captured accurately.

Limited Control

Outsourcing invariably means relinquishing some level of control over your marketing activities.

Whilst agencies usually offer performance reports and regular updates, you’re not involved in the day-to-day execution. If you’re the type of business owner who likes to keep a finger on the pulse of every activity, this could be unsettling.


In Ireland’s dynamic SME sector, outsourcing marketing comes with a mix of tangible benefits and potential pitfalls.

The key lies in choosing an agency that understands not just marketing, but also the intricacies of doing business in Ireland. When executed thoughtfully, outsourcing can offer a streamlined, cost-effective pathway to propel your brand into the spotlight.

So, weigh your options, do your research, and take that calculated leap – it could very well be the boost your business needs to reach the next level.

Navigating the marketing landscape for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Localised approaches often yield the most authentic connections, but how important is it to actually keep your marketing efforts local? The answer might be more complex than you think.

In this post, we explore the pros and cons of working with a local marketing agency.

Key Advantages

  1. In-Person Consultations for Quick Decision-Making
    The beauty of working with a local agency is the availability for in-person meetings. In the digital age, it’s easy to forget how much more can be accomplished when you’re in the same room. Emails and conference calls have their place, but face-to-face interaction can lead to more dynamic discussions, not to mention a faster decision-making process.
  2. Proven Experience in Your Market
    If an agency has been serving businesses in your area, chances are you’ll recognise some names in their portfolio. That’s not just comforting; it’s also a form of social proof. The agency’s local success stories can give you a tangible sense of what they might achieve for your business.
  3. Authenticity and ‘Cultural Fit’
    Irish people have a distinct way of interacting, and a local agency inherently understands that cultural nuance. They know how to craft messages that resonate with the Irish market, which can be especially advantageous when you’re targeting a very specific local audience. This isn’t just about using the right slang; it’s about knowing what matters to your potential customers.

The Cons

  1. Limited Selection
    The local focus usually means fewer agencies to choose from. But this shouldn’t necessarily deter you. In fact, a shorter list can actually make your decision easier and quicker to make. Sometimes less is more, and, at the end of the day, quality often trumps quantity.
  2. Talent Pool
    A local agency may have a smaller talent pool, but this is less of an issue than you might think. Many Irish agencies embrace remote working arrangements, bringing in top-notch talent from other parts of the country or even from abroad. This helps to enrich their service offering without compromising the benefits of local knowledge.

Trust Your Instincts: The Final Element

When all’s said and done, choosing a marketing agency also has an intangible component: the relationship dynamic. Remember, you’ll be collaborating closely with the marketing agency you choose, so a level of comfort and mutual understanding is key. Always trust your instincts when making this crucial decision.


For Irish SMEs, going local for your marketing needs offers several advantages that often outweigh the limitations. Local agencies offer the advantage of market familiarity, the convenience of direct interactions, and often, more cost-effective solutions. While each business is different, don’t underestimate the value of what’s right on your doorstep.

So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether to opt for a local marketing agency, perhaps now’s the time to take that leap. Sometimes the solutions we seek are closer than we think.

Whether you’re a in charge of a small team, or running a business that spans multiple departments, managing an Irish SME can be daunting. Among one of the biggest challenges is the daunting task of juggling your marketing responsibilities with your core business activities.

Amidst this multifaceted balancing act though, have you ever considered a different strategy – outsourced marketing?

Outsourced marketing consists of recruiting a specialist team to drive your business towards its objectives – freeing you up to focus on your core business.

But does the cost of outsourced marketing justify its benefits? Let’s explore.

1. Strategic Alignment

An outsourced marketing team aligns its strategies with your company’s objectives. This ensures your brand message effectively reaches your target audience.

2. Full-Spectrum Service

Outsourcing means you gain a versatile team, equipped to manage all aspects of your marketing mix. From perfecting your brand message to managing your social media and crafting targeted content, they offer comprehensive marketing support.

3. Expertise in Offline Marketing

Despite the dominance of digital, traditional marketing channels still pack a punch. An outsourced marketing team is usually well-versed in managing your offline marketing, ensuring your brand maintains a lasting impression both online and off.

4. Tailored Content Strategy

A competent outsourced team recognises content’s importance, creating valuable and relevant material that draws and retains your audience. The use of various content forms, such as blogs, videos, webinars, podcasts, and white papers, guarantees that your brand’s message effectively reaches your target audience.

5. Event Management

Events can be a potent tool for engaging with your audience and promoting your brand. Leaving the planning and coordination to the professionals will almost always ensure seamless execution – reflecting your brand’s vision and quality.

6. Robust Web Development

First impressions matter. Your website is often the first port of call for potential customers, and an outsourced marketing team can ensure that it’s a positive experience for your potential customers.

7. Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing provides a team of marketing professionals at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. With lower overheads and the ability to scale services to your business needs, outsourced marketing often provides superior value for money.

8. Latest Tools and Techniques

An outsourced team keeps up with the latest marketing trends, keeping your business at the forefront of innovation.

9. Scalability

An outsourced team can scale services according to your business needs, ideal for SMEs with fluctuating business cycles.

10. Fresh Perspective

An external team can bring a new perspective to your business, identifying opportunities and challenges from a different angle.

Prioritising Your Core Competencies with Outsourced Marketing

Your business thrives on what you do best – by outsourcing marketing, you can focus more on these key aspects. The outsourced marketing team, in return, contributes their expertise to your initiatives, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Far from being a cost burden, outsourced marketing instead opens doors to significant benefits. It offers Irish SMEs a route to fully leverage their strengths. With the collaborative synergy of specialist teams, businesses can better concentrate on their key areas and navigate the path to enduring success.

Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Can Be a Game-Changer for Your SME.

Navigating the tricky terrain of marketing while keeping an eye on overhead costs can often be a tall order for Irish SMEs.

But what if there was a way to have your cake and eat it too? Well, the answer may lie in outsourcing your marketing department.

The Business Case for Outsourced Marketing

When you outsource your marketing, you’re strategically enlisting an external agency’s expertise in achieving your marketing goals. This usually includes integrating traditional marketing techniques as well as certain complementary elements of digital marketing.

So why are Irish SMEs increasingly embracing this option?

Firstly, outsourced marketing is a ‘win-win’ when it comes to managing resources. Instead of assembling a full-time, in-house team to execute your marketing strategy, outsourcing provides immediate access to seasoned professionals who can do this for you – often at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing employee.

This of course leads to significant cost savings in the long-term, however it also ensures your marketing efforts remain competitive and effective.

Outsourced marketing teams are committed to staying on top of the latest developments and trends in marketing, keeping your strategies fresh and engaging. It’s this industry insight that’s crucial for maintaining an edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Reaping the Benefits of Outsourced Marketing

Outsourcing your marketing department offers more than just cost savings and expertise however.

Here are a few other perks:

On top of these, outsourcing your marketing department also gives you more time and energy to pour into what you do best – running your core business operations.

What to Consider When Outsourcing

When deciding to outsource, it’s important to choose the right agency, one that understands your business and its unique needs.

But that’s not all – here are some additional factors to also consider:

Carefully considering these factors will help ensure that outsourcing seamlessly enhances your business, rather than complicating it.


For many Irish SMEs, outsourcing their marketing efforts is emerging as a savvy move. After all, it lets you reduce overheads whilst ensuring your business stays in the spotlight.

Choosing to outsource your marketing isn’t just a business decision though – it’s a strategic step to optimise resources while maintaining your brand’s strong presence in the midst of competition.


In the ever-changing world of marketing, it’s easy to become captivated by the latest digital trends. However, as an Irish SME business owner or manager, it’s essential to recognise the lasting value of traditional marketing strategies.

While digital channels dominate the current landscape, traditional methods still hold their ground, continuing to deliver exceptional results. In this post, we explore the power of traditional marketing and unveil the strategies that continue to drive success for Irish businesses in 2023.

Understanding Traditional Marketing

‘Traditional’ marketing refers to the time-tested ‘offline’ methods that are used to reach and engage target audiences. This includes things like print media, direct mail, face-to-face interactions at events and trade shows, outdoor advertising, and public relations (PR).

While digital marketing has definitely gained prominence as the first choice for Irish SMEs, traditional marketing still continues to retain its value however. That’s because this approach to marketing has the ability to offer a personal touch and local community connections – something that’s considerably more difficult online.

By balancing both traditional and digital approaches, Irish businesses can unlock a way to creating more effective marketing campaigns.

Discover the Timeless Strategies

  1. Print Advertising: Print advertising remains a powerful tool for local businesses, even in the age of digital media. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, and industry-specific publications can still help you effectively reach your target audience when they’re away from their computers and smartphones.
  2. Direct Mail: In a world inundated with digital communications, direct mail offers a refreshing and personalised approach to engage potential customers. This traditional approach can be highly effective in building brand awareness, driving conversions, and fostering customer loyalty in your local area.
  3. Face-to-Face Connections: Despite the allure of online interactions, nothing can replace the impact of personal connections. These face-to-face events enable you to showcase your products or services, network with industry professionals, and generate leads.
  4. Outdoor Advertising: In a world on the move, outdoor advertising in the form of billboards, signage, and transit ads can still be effective in grabbing your audience’s attention. This strategy can be particularly effective for small businesses seeking to establish a strong local presence.
  5. Public Relations (PR): In an era of trust and authenticity, PR plays a vital role in shaping your brand’s image. Efforts such as press releases, media coverage, and community engagement, can help to enhance your reputation and attract customers or clients who value authenticity.


In today’s digital age, it’s easy to overlook the power of traditional marketing strategies.

However, for Irish SMEs in particular, these methods can still deliver remarkable results when executed thoughtfully – especially when complemented by digital marketing efforts.

By leveraging offline ‘traditional’ tactics, it can become easier for businesses to better connect with their target audience on a personal level, build brand loyalty, and establish a strong local or national presence in the process.

Branding is crucial for any professional organisation. In a nutshell, it’s the process of creating a unique identity for your business that sets it apart from competitors. With a strong brand, you can usually better attract customers, build trust, and increase your sales.

In this post, we’ll discuss why branding is essential for Irish SMEs and provide some tips on how to build your won strong brand.

Why Branding is Essential for Irish SMEs

Branding is vital for Irish SMEs for three straightforward reasons:

  1. To stand out in a crowded market: Successful branding helps you stand out from your competitors in a crowded market. When done correctly, it creates a unique identity that potential customers will remember and recognise.
  2. To build trust and loyalty: A well-executed brand can help build trust and loyalty with potential customers. By consistently delivering on your brand promises, you can establish a positive reputation that encourages your customers to keep coming back.
  3. To increase sales: A strong brand can help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. By creating a recognisable and trusted brand, you can increase sales and revenue.

Tips for Building a Strong Brand

Here are some tips for building a strong brand for your Irish SME:

Define Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is a combination of your company’s values, mission, vision, and personality. To create a strong brand identity – one that that resonates with your target market – you’ll first need to define these elements and then align them with this audience.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is crucial in creating a successful brand. Ask questions and conduct market research to understand your target audience’s needs, wants, and pain points, then use this information to create ‘targeted’ brand messaging.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Remember to use the same logo, colour scheme, and messaging across all your marketing channels – from your website to your social media to your business cards.

Deliver on Your Promises

Your brand is only as strong as your reputation. Make sure your products or services deliver on the promises you make in your branding. Prioritise your customer satisfaction to build a positive reputation that reinforces your brand image.

Seek Professional Help

Building a strong brand can be challenging, especially for small businesses with limited resources. By outsourcing your branding to a professional marketing agency, a dedicated team of experts can help you create a strong brand strategy, one that connects with your target audience and drives business growth.

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In today’s uncertain business climate, most Irish SMEs are finally beginning to understand how effective marketing can be a powerful tool in helping to grow their business. Though, with many unable to afford their own full-time in-house marketing teams, more and more SMEs are now turning to ‘outsourcing’ to meet their marketing needs.

Of course, while outsourcing to marketing teams outside Ireland may seem like an appealing and affordable option, it can come with many drawbacks however – that’s why hiring a local Irish marketing company is often the smarter choice.

In this post, we'll delve into five advantages that come with working with a local Irish marketing company over outsourcing to companies abroad.

1. Supporting the Local Economy

When you choose a local Irish marketing company, you’re not only investing in your own business, you’re also supporting the local economy.
By working with a local business, you’re helping to create jobs and support other local businesses in your community. This can have a positive impact on your brand reputation and can help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

2. Cultural Understanding

Culture plays a significant role in marketing, and a local Irish marketing company will better understand the nuances of Irish values that can impact your target audience. A local company can also help you tailor your marketing campaigns to resonate with your local audience and ultimately avoid costly language mistakes that could damage your reputation.

3. Personalised Attention

When you work with a local Irish marketing company, you can usually expect a personalised level of attention.

A great marketing business will always take the time to understand your business and your goals, and will work closely with you to develop a tailored marketing strategy that meets your specific needs. When working with a local marketing business, you won't be just another client on a long list of companies either - your business will be a priority.

4. Better Accessibility

Another benefit of working with a local marketing company is the unrivalled accessibility that it offers – if you need to meet with your marketing team, you can likely do so in person.

You’ll also have the ability to meet with them regularly, which can help you stay on top of your marketing strategy and make adjustments as needed.

5. Knowledge of the Local Market

An Irish marketing company will have knowledge and experience in the local market, and they’ll understand the latest trends and challenges that businesses face in your own area.

This knowledge can be invaluable in helping you develop a marketing strategy that will resonate with your target audience and help you stand out from the competition.


Hiring a local Irish marketing company can have many unparalleled benefits for your SME. From supporting local businesses to unrivalled in-depth knowledge of your target audience, a local marketing company can help you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business.

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