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Digital or Traditional Marketing? How to Generate a Higher ROI with ‘Hybrid’ Marketing

August 31, 2022
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Despite digital marketing making huge strides in popularity over the last decade, traditional marketing is by no means ‘dead and buried’.

Far from it, in fact.

Even with the ongoing digital revolution taking place across the Irish business landscape, many Irish people still relate more to traditional methods of marketing.

But as an Irish SME, how can you capitalise on both sides of the market – online and offline? How do you strategise your marketing plan accordingly? And how can you get the best return on investment (ROI)?

In this post, we take look at how ‘hybrid’ marketing—leveraging online and offline traditional marketing tactics—can help you to generate a higher ROI with your marketing spend.

Firstly, what Is ‘Hybrid’ Marketing?

Hybrid marketing is an approach bringing together and combining traditional marketing with digital marketing.

In its simplest form, this form of marketing is used as way to blend newer forms of online marketing like social media, with traditional offline marketing like in-person events and print media.

Is this combined form of marketing effective?

Instead of focusing exclusively on online platforms or in-person touchpoints, hybrid marketing merges both approaches to create a more effective and extensive outreach plan.

By combining traditional marketing with newer digital forms of marketing (social media, content strategy / production, website development, etc.) Irish SMEs stand a better chance of making lasting connections with their target audience, both in-person and online.

Why is it important to still embrace traditional marketing?

According to a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, as we’re increasingly spending most of our time online, audiences are now becoming increasingly ‘numb’ to digital advertising and marketing material.

In contrast, despite years of decline, traditional approaches are now seeing increased engagement.

The same HBR piece also suggests that traditional media channels — led by TV, radio, and print — now regularly outperform online channels in terms of reach, attention, and engagement relative to costs.

According to a MarketingSherpa survey quoted by HBR, traditional marketing is also better at building trust, with customers trusting most print advertising (82%), television advertising (80%), direct mail advertising (76%), and radio advertising (71%) when making purchasing decisions.

As a result, marketing leaders are now predicting an 11.7% increase of spending in traditional marketing approaches over the next 12 months – this points to it achieving its first growth in over a decade.

Best Practice for a High ROI

Today, audiences have more ways to engage with organisations than ever before. For this exact reason, to guarantee the best ROI on your marketing efforts, you need to be aware of where your audience focuses their time and – most importantly – their attention.

Using strategic planning, it’s important to identify the best online and offline entry points that will lead your target audience to your business or brand.

Armed with this insight, you’ll be able to focus on the right marketing channels, helping you reach a wider audience, as well as building and keeping trust – all while maximising your marketing budget.

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