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Outsourced Marketing for SMEs

January 18, 2022
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Most SME owners are familiar with the following challenge in their quest to scale; the business constantly needs a highly diverse set of skills in order to run smoothly and to remain competitive in the market. If you’ve personally experienced the ‘struggle’, then it’s highly likely that you’ve already thought about outsourcing certain parts of your business in order to combat this common business challenge.

With marketing recognised as a key factor for SME growth, understanding the benefits of outsourcing your marketing to a “virtual marketing department” could make all the difference - regardless of whether you’re an SME with very little marketing resources, or a corporate entity with a designated in-house marketing team.

How Does Outsourced Marketing Benefit SMEs?

Very often, a refusal to relinquish control of at least some business tasks can limit the time available for SMEs to focus on the growth, innovation, and improvement of the core business. Like digitalisation, outsourcing is always an important element of any modernisation and restructuring strategy for SMEs.

With outsourced marketing, virtual marketing departments can now either replace or complement existing marketing managers or teams. This comes without the extra overhead costs of hiring additional full-time employees. It also means SMEs can get higher-level expertise by immediately tapping into a vast already-established pool of marketing tools, talent, and tactics.
Here are just some of the other benefits an SME can gain when partnering with a virtual or outsourced marketing department:

  • Outsourcing helps cut costs, saving time and money.
  • Less management ‘brainpower’ required - more consistent output.
  • Regular communication and support.
  • Targeted growth.

Tailored and ‘On-Demand’

By outsourcing your SME marketing to an outsourced marketing ‘department’, you can have the opportunity of highly-focused, specifically-tailored, ‘on demand’ marketing services - allowing you and your team the time to focus on the business functions that bring in the most value.

With outsourced marketing, it’s not just about managing an organisation’s social media or creating taglines though. These ‘external marketing departments’ can perform detailed research on your SME’s target market or audience, helping to better understand online habits in order to create strategies designed to align your business with those habits.

Outsourced marketing teams can also lend support to SMEs with:

  • Evidence-based B2B/B2C marketing and brand strategy – both online and offline.
  • Social media strategy.
  • Content marketing e.g., website blogs, email newsletters, etc.
  • Event management e.g., conferences, roadshows, etc.
  • Online advertising.
  • Project management and website development.

Why Choose Mojo Marketing?

At Mojo Marketing, we offer a wide range of marketing services with a variety of engagement models that we can tailor to the specific needs of your SME business.

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