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The Benefits of Having a Virtual Marketing Team

June 30, 2022
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Following the global pandemic, many Irish SMEs are now ‘finding their feet’ and adapting well to a new world of virtual meetings, remote working, and the increased integration of online business processes.

Inspired by this shift, more and more companies are also beginning to realise the key role that marketing now holds as part of this new business landscape.

Despite this realisation however, these same businesses frequently find themselves unable to hire the people they need to deliver the marketing support that their business requires – this is often attributed to skyrocketing business costs caused by inflation, the after-effects of COVID-19, and the war in Ukraine.

In order to fulfil their marketing requirements – whilst also lowering associated costs – Irish businesses are now increasingly turning to ‘Virtual Marketing Teams’ to provide the necessary manpower to help achieve their marketing goals.

What is a Virtual Marketing Team?

As a new way to deliver both value and scale at reduced cost, virtual marketing teams are an ideal alternative to hiring permanent internal marketing teams.

By taking on the role of an ‘outsourced marketing department’, virtual marketing teams can immediately provide businesses with a team of marketing experts – delivering exactly what a business needs, when it’s needed.

What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Marketing Team?

Marketing thrives on collaboration and alignment across an entire business.

When it comes to large brands, these organisations tend to have teams of people dedicated to fulfilling their marketing functions. They use in-house writers, marketers, designers, and project managers to help grow their reach and appeal to their target markets.

For many small businesses however, budgeting and related hiring constraints can make it next to impossible for them to generate and implement any successful marketing strategy at scale. Often, many simply view the cost of maintaining in-house marketing departments as much too expensive to justify.

This is where having a virtual marketing team can be key to a company’s marketing success:

Virtual Marketing Teams lower your employee costs.

- As virtual marketing teams are made up of contracted marketing staff, there’s no extra cost to your business beyond the marketing services you’ve signed up for.

Virtual Marketing Teams provide expert talent exactly when you need it.

- With virtual marketing teams, SMEs can immediately tap into high-level marketing expertise through a vast already-established pool of marketing tools, talent, and tactics.

Virtual Marketing Teams can develop custom-tailored plans for your business.

- As virtual members of your organisation, a virtual marketing team can assess your marketing needs and desires, then develop a completely custom-tailored plan to represent and achieve your main objectives.

Virtual Marketing Teams can provide as little, or as much support as needed.

- From strategic day-to-day marketing leadership and management, to project based, short-term engagements, virtual marketing teams can provide as much, or as little marketing support as your business needs – or as your budget allows.

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