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The Benefits of Outsourced Marketing Services

February 22, 2022
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As is the case with most small businesses or SMEs, ‘time is money’, and an outsourced marketing department will help you save both.

Increasingly, Irish-owned businesses are now looking towards third-party outsourcing services to handle some of their business functions. This strategy has already helped countless businesses to streamline workflow and to save on costs – in turn, increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

With more and more small businesses and SMEs in Ireland also now appreciating the importance of having and maintaining a positive, engaging presence online, the field of outsourced marketing is in particularly high demand as of recent years.

Marketing as an Outsourced Business Process

Outsourcing your marketing – an example of ‘Business Process Outsourcing’ (BPO) – can either complement or entirely replace in-house marketing departments. For many small businesses and SMEs, this has become a way of life in an increasingly digital world.

Statista, a company specialising in market and consumer data, valued the BPO market at a staggering €81.4 billion in 2019, just before the onset of the pandemic.

Despite a slight fall in figures for the following years as a direct cause of the pandemic, the outsourcing industry is expected to increase substantially in 2022. This is especially true here in Ireland, as more small businesses and SMEs now incorporate remote working models through virtual meetings, interviews, and hiring.

What Are the Benefits of An Outsourced Marketing Department?

By outsourcing your company’s marketing to a professional marketing agency, you can create a highly-focused marketing team, usually for almost the same cost as hiring just one highly-qualified internal marketing employee.

As well as that, you gain advantages and benefits such as:

  • Increased managerial flexibility – more time available to focus on core business activities.
  • Multi-industry expertise – experience with a variety of client markets.
  • Unique perspectives – access to experienced marketing experts’ exclusive insights and skills.
  • Objectivity – bringing a fresh, impartial ‘top down’ view to your business.
  • Speed-to-market and time-to-value – an expert team with a wealth of resources can produce deliverables much faster than traditional in-house teams.
  • Targeted growth, a demonstrable marketing return on investment (MROI), and increased business revenue.

Why Does a Small Business or SME Outsource Marketing?

As marketing is hyper-focused on tasks such as creating and maintaining brand awareness, promoting and selling products or services, and conducting market research and advertising (to name just a few), many small businesses and SMEs can leverage it to meet customer needs and boost their bottom line.

By outsourcing these efforts, businesses can make considerable savings as they don’t need to hire full-time (internal) marketing employees.

Globally, over one-third of small businesses, and over three-quarters of SMEs already outsource to;

  • become more efficient,
  • increase available skillsets, and
  • give their teams more time to focus on other tasks that bring in value.

Ultimately, outsourcing your marketing will give your business a swift injection of expertise and creativity, and give you back the breathing space to drive your business forward.

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