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4 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Still Get Results

August 12, 2022
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For those unaware, traditional marketing refers to the strategies and tactics businesses used long before 'online' marketing – or Digital Marketing – came to the fore.

Although today’s digital age requires businesses to embrace online platforms such as dedicated company websites and social media, traditional marketing is by no means “dead”.

In this post, we take at look at traditional marketing in Ireland and explain four traditional tactics that can still get results for your business.

Why is traditional marketing important for Irish businesses?

As a general rule, traditional marketing only includes conventional methods of ‘offline’ promotion.

Here in Ireland, despite ‘digital only’ promotion seeing a huge increase since COVID - digital ad spend alone was valued at €830 million euros in 2021 - we’re still seeing tried and tested approaches proven to be successful through traditional media.

This is largely thanks to things like strong radio listenership (80% of all Irish adults 15+ tune into the radio every day) and increased television viewership since the pandemic (75.8% of Irish adults 15+ watched a daily average of 2+ hours of television in May alone).

Though this type of marketing won’t completely replace the need for a digital strategy, traditional marketing does allow you to reach audiences who spend time away from their computers and smartphones.

For best results as part of a mixed marketing approach, here are four traditional marketing tactics that stand the test of time.

1. Event Marketing

Although social media and other online marketing channels have their benefits, it’s important not to rule out using traditional marketing in the form of in-person events.

Despite suffering as a direct consequence of COVID, traditional events and in-person communication still hold immense value. A recent survey by Management Events found 79% of top-level execs use face-to-face meetups for lead generation.

2. Printed Material / Ads

If one of your business goals is to appeal to a local audience, print materials and ads can still be invaluable in making you more recognisable to your local community.

A recent American study also found print ads and leaflets are better for brand recall and recognition.

3. Press Releases

Press releases have changed considerably over the years; however, they can still be the perfect way to announce a new product or service, expand public knowledge, and improve your brand image – both at a local or national level.

As well as that, press releases are also often published online, helping your SEO efforts in the process!

4. Direct Mail

Although not as popular as it once was, direct mail still offers an amazingly effective marketing channel for business owners.

Usually sent as letters or postcards to potential customers living in a targeted local area, this form of traditional marketing can build awareness of your company’s products or services. It can also help potential customers to realise how conveniently placed your business is.


By using digital and traditional marketing tactics, your business has a better chance of standing out in any crowded marketplace – ensuring you get noticed, both online and offline.

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